It has been three years since the introduction of the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. An    important aspect of the Act is that you must, as a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU), have an implemented, evidenced Health and Safety program/processes.

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i-Compliant Health and Safety Coaching

While your competitors run the risk of prosecution, you can rest assured with our health and safety support packages. They are delivered to you at the most cost effective level in the market, therefore offering a significant market edge.

Our online system means that the your policy is a live document. It can be regularly updated to reflect the continuous updates and health and safety legislation as it changes. It doesn’t sit in a cupboard collecting dust. As a result your staff and clients can benefit from having all the information that is required to keep them safe.

Combined with coaching from the i-Compliant team you can be guaranteed that your business will have the tools available to become compliant with the NZ Health and Safety Act. 

Leading Health and Safety Professionals

After 3 years of investigation, trials and direct communication with numerous health and safety organisations, we offer a Health and Safety product and process that works for you.

i-Compliant Health and Safety Coaching.