iCompli Rental Property Management Software is the perfect tool for carrying out rental property inspections for property managers.

Renting is becoming a choice for the majority of families across the globe and with this comes an ever increasing pressure on landlords and property managers to provide a warm and healthy environment for their tenants. Property managers require a tool that is quick, mobile and easy to use. As a result, iCompli have responded by developing a new mobile compatible App. The iCompli Rental Property Management Software is affordable, accessible and easy to use. While at the same time being comprehensive enough to ensure that all requirements of local legislation are met.

  • Easy to use,
  • Mobile and convenient,
  • Affordable,
  • International Liveability rating,
  • Easily integrated into any management software with an API,
  • Can be used for Entry or Exit Reports,
  • Great for Quarterly Inspections,
  • Pay only per report,

iCompli is easy to use, offering property managers an opportunity to be able to record all aspects of their portfolios. The property will also receive a liveability rating which will allow you to market your property accordingly in todays competitive market.

Get your rental property inspections carried out on one easy App. Free to download. Only charged when a report is submitted. Try it today.