Residential Property Managers, Do You Know What Makes a Property “Lawful”?


Residential property managers have an obligation to ensure that their landlords are meeting all legal requirements. This includes all acts. The list of compliance and legislation is constantly changing.
In order for a home to be “lawful” there are a number of requirements that must be met by the landlord. These are laid out in various laws and bylaws.
It is paramount that residential property managers remain diligent in their efforts to ensure that their landlords are meeting their requirements.
iCompli have two programs to help assist this process. The first is a Health and Safety Program, designed specifically for landlords. It is affordable and easy to use but most importantly, helps landlords on their way to becoming compliant to the Health and Safety Act 2015. As a PCBU, a landlord is required by law to have their own health and safety system.  This cannot be contracted out.
The second is the iCompli App. A software developed specifically for residential property managers to check the compliance to the 3 acts listed above. Working alongside major stakeholders, MBIE, the Tenancy Services, Councils across NZ and property managers, we have developed a tool that is affordable, easy to use and accessible now. Ensure the success of your property management company by implementing these two programs today.
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